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Why you should have your vehicle professionally detailed

Top 3 Reasons to Professionally Detail Your Vehicle

I believe one thing we can all agree on, is that a clean car facilitates a more enjoyable riding experience than one filled with trash or mystery odors. While I understand the wonderful fulfillment of having deep cleaned your vehicle and the pride it instills, I also see the difference in the DIY kits and the machines used by professionals.

Here are my top 3 reasons for getting your car detailed by a professional. We recommend having it done seasonally or twice a year.

1. When your car is clean, your mind is clear.

Someone once told me, your outside world is a reflection of your inner world. That does not apply to every situation, but I have noticed that I think clearer when my space is clean & organized. No matter where my destination is, when I travel in a clean vehicle, I arrive feeling better. Regular detailing or maintenance cleaning becomes key to always having an airy ride without strenuous upkeep, or worrying about mystery smells appearing before arriving at a big event!

Knowing my car is clean takes away the thought of my impression when I am representing my brand – be that a company car, my own company, a driver, or as a food delivery driver.

2. You retain the value of your vehicle.

Vehicles are an investment, no matter how large or small, and require maintenance over time in order to continue functioning properly.

Oil changes are regular maintenance, as having your car professionally detailed should be. Regular hand washes remove dirt, bugs, sap, and acid rain from the clear coat. When these items build up, the clear coat begins to erode. Maintaining the paint job of your vehicle is also a matter of protection against rust. Interior detailing can include cleaning the air, keeping awol snacks from housing other fungi, and minimizing unwanted germs.

It can be as simple as a quick wipe down & vacuum after a weekend drives through the mountains, or a deep clean shampooing to remove stains.

3. Cars need self-care days too!

Our cars are really like a member of the family. They are entrusted to transport us safely from one place to the next, often transporting multiple members of the family at a time. Some of these trips are long and heavy, while others are short and light. Just as we need to refuel our vehicle, we also need to regularly check the engine. Sometimes we check with chefs for a new recipe – you can see it in every area of life.

The same principle applies to the car self-care of a professional detailing package. Sometimes, you need to call in the guys who will wear the masks and use the toothpicks and chemicals and revive your vehicle to a condition you previously assumed was long gone.

Detailing your vehicle can be a rewarding afternoon task. I encourage you to maintain the state of your vehicle over time. Every three or four months, though, take your car in to be professionally detailed. You deserve it, your car deserves it, and you’ll both be happy because of it. Check out your local, neighborhood car shop and see what services they offer! Denver – Capital Dent Masters is your local, family-owned, and operated auto body shop. We offer professional detailing, located in the Park Hill neighborhood. Stop by for a free estimate today! Need more encouragement? Here’s an article from Business Insider.

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