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What to Expect When Expecting Hail Stones and Thunderstorms

Predicting a Hail Storm

This time of year, in this area of the country, is known as hail season for the auto body industry. The Denver Metro Area meteorologists have called for thunderstorms this weekend, which always boasts the possibility of bringing hail stones with it. It is incredibly hard to predict when and where a hail storm is going to occur, as the National Severe Storms Laboratory explains here. Living in Colorado raises your chances of being caught in a storm. Last month’s blog goes over what kind of auto insurance covers hail damage to your vehicles and why. The Farmers’ Almanac is calling for “higher-than-normal thunderstorm activity” for portions of the Rockies and Great Plains. Your best plan of action for preventing auto body damage is to have and know your plan of action in the event you find yourself caught in a hail storm. In short, you never know around here!

What Do I Do When I’m Caught in a Hail Storm?

Small hailstones make the slightest patter on the roof as if they were a large raindrop in a summer storm. While they do cause light damage to vehicles, it is quite a different experience than when you’re caught in golf ball-size hail.

American Family Insurance put together this overview of What to do During a Hailstorm, and it overviews guidelines for different places you could find yourself in a hailstorm (inside your house, driving your car, or caught outside). Let me walk you through what to do when you’re caught driving your car when hailstones begin to fall, including the repair process.

Driving During Hail? How to Act Safely on the Road

The most important thing to remember is that your priority should be carefully bringing your vehicle to a stop. If there is a structure, such as an overpass, that is close by, it is possible to do so safely. Remember to leave extra distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, slow your speed, turn your headlights to low beam and engage your hazard lights. 

If you are unable to find a shelter to park under, your next move should be to find a safe place to pull over uncovered. Be sure to park your vehicle so that the windshields receive more impact than the side windows, if possible. They are built to withstand impact and are less likely to shatter if cracked. Sit as central in the vehicle as possible, protecting your face from possible glass shards in severe storms. Do not get out of the vehicle unless you are protected by a shelter until the hailstorm has passed. 

If you continue to drive during a hailstorm, the damage to your vehicle is more likely to be irreparable, therefore likely to lead to your insurance totaling your vehicle. Insurance companies are also less likely to cover the cost of repairs if you continue driving your vehicle during the storm. Hailstones can cause damage not only to the body of your vehicle and the glass, but also to your engine as well (kicked up from the ground).

My Car Has Hail Damage. What Should I Do?

First, take a breath! Next, call Capital Dent Masters – your stress-free solution. We have over 13 years of experience in the paintless dent repair industry around the world.

Our expertise is hard to match, as is the quality of our repairs. A claim specialist will take care of your repairs, negating the need for you to negotiate with your insurance company or play middleman between us. Plus, we offer creative ways to make your life easier. From deductible assistance, rental car coverage, or complimentary valet, our goal is for you to be at ease. You can even open your customer profile online. With a few pieces of information about you and your vehicle, your profile will allow us to assist you in the most efficient manner.

Welcome to a wonderful world of stress-free car repairs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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