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The Benefits of Auto Detailing

Detailing your vehicle is about more than having it look shiny.  Auto detailing provides protection for your vehicle’s interior as well as exterior.  Have you ever thought about how auto detailing is a form of self-care?  Today we’re going to explore all about auto detailing and the positive ways it can impact your life.  From protecting your investment, elongating the life of your vehicle, making an impactful first impression, to the benefits a clean car can bring to your life; let’s talk all about auto detailing. 

What is Auto Detailing?

Before we get into the benefits of auto detailing, let’s refresh our memory on what exactly auto detailing is. 

“ Auto detailing is the process of cleaning, restoring and protecting your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces.  “

Depending on the state of the vehicle, a series of treatments are performed to either the interior or exterior (or both!) of your vehicle.  These auto detailing techniques will remove contaminants from the surfaces of your vehicle, proving a clean slate for the surface of your vehicle.

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle could include cleaning the air vents, vacuuming, shampooing the carpets, or cleaning the leather.  The exterior of your car should be cleaned first with a wash using the proper tools and agitators to remove any contaminants without disturbing the clear coat or paint of your vehicle.

Leaving the surface in this state is not recommended, as it is vulnerable to the elements.  Once the surface of your vehicle has been cleaned, it is in the perfect state to add a layer of protection to the surface.  For the interior of your vehicle, this could range from applying a protectant for your leather seats or a stain repellant for your fabric.  The exterior of the vehicle could receive a number of protective layers ranging from wax, ceramic coating, or a clear bra application.  

Looking for Auto Detailing in Denver, Colorado?

If you are looking for auto detailing services in Denver, Colorado, we have the place for you!  Capital Dent Masters is a local, family-owned shop located in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver.  Keep reading (or scroll down!) for an overview of the auto detailing services Capital Dent Masters offers in Denver, Colorado.  There’s even a gift for you to take the leap and gift yourself or a loved one an auto detailing experience.  

What are the Benefits of Auto Detailing?

Now that we’ve overviewed what auto detailing is, let’s talk about some positive benefits that auto detailing can bring to your life.  

Provides Protection

Professional auto detailing protects the surfaces of your vehicle.  This includes both surfaces, the interior, and the exterior!  

Having a layer of protection on the interior of your vehicle makes cleaning up any spills from your morning coffee, the kid’s after-school snacks, or the dirt from the weekend sports games a stress-free clean.  Adding a stain repellant to cloth surfaces helps keep any liquids out of your upholstery and is ready to be wiped away.  Leather seats need a conditioner to stay hydrated, and adding a protective layer immediately after allows your seats to get the full benefit from the conditioner.  The sun is strong here in Denver, Colorado, and the law does not allow for any window tint on the windshield of any vehicle.  This means that the dashboard of your vehicle is left vulnerable to the rays of the sun.  Adding a layer of protection against the harmful UV rays will extend the vibrancy of your vehicle as you first saw it.  

The sun is not only harmful to the dashboard, but to the paint on your vehicle’s exterior as well.  Colorado also has extreme weather, which brings challenges to the exterior of your vehicle.  This time of year especially brings cold snowy weather and with snow comes road salt.  Road salt is especially toxic to the clear coat on the exterior of your vehicle.  Over time, road salt that is stuck to your vehicle can erode the clear coat and expose the paint and encourage oxidation of the panels of your vehicle.

Every vehicle has its purpose and use, and every person has a private budget.  There are a variety of options to protect the exterior of your vehicle to fit your budget and lifestyle with your vehicle.  Capital Dent Masters offers a range of protection packages including services like clear bra application, ceramic coating application, and seasonal wax applications.  Keep reading, scroll down, or click for more on the auto detailing services offered at Capital Dent Masters!

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Auto detailing is the best way to extend the life of your vehicle.  No matter if your vehicle is a weekend getaway truck, your daily drive, a shuttle for your kids or pets, or even a showcase vehicle – professional auto detailing will extend the life of your trusty vehicle.

Keeping your vehicle clean and protected means that the original surfaces of your vehicle, both the interior and the exterior, will be well maintained for as long as possible.  Regular cleaning of your vehicle when contaminants such as road salt, dirt, beverage spills, or pet hair are present helps the protective layer between the surface of your vehicle and the contaminant last longer between professional auto detailing visits.

Ensure Your Investment Pays Off

Your vehicle is more than the space you listen to your secret favorite pump-up song.  It is a sizeable investment, no matter the brand.  For your investment to have the best return when it is time to part ways, it needs to be in the best shape possible.

Having seasonal auto detailing services ensures your vehicle is protected in any situation throughout the year.  With the elongated life of the original surfaces of your vehicle, it will be worth more when your lease ends, or it is time to sell.  Treat your car like the investment it is, your future self will thank you! 

Self-Care in the form of Auto Detailing

How could we possibly consider auto detailing to be a form of self-care?  My friends, let me tell you.  Experts say that the state of your environment can affect your mood and the state of your mind.  The general idea is, that if you have a clean space, you have a clean mind.  While this doesn’t take away any stressful situations that come with life, it does give you a clean place to resolve them.  

How do you spend time in your vehicle? Is it one that you only drive for special occasions, or are you spending multiple hours a day in it?  Do you consume food in your car?  Is your morning commute a stressful one?  Our vehicles are where we spend a lot of time, with ourselves or with loved ones.  These moments are filled with emotions like the anticipation of arriving at the destination or the frustration of the call you just received.  Having a clean space to experience these emotions gives you a clean slate to process them. 

Do you remember what it felt like when you first drove your new, clean car?  The joy, the excitement, the love you had for that perfect space?  Professional auto detailing will bring that feeling back every time.  Your car is cleaned, restored, and protected in all the auto detailing packages at Capital Dent Masters, giving you all the benefits professional auto detailing brings.  

Auto Detailing Services at Capital Dent Masters

Interior Detailing Package

The interior detailing package at Capital Dent Masters in Denver, Colorado will clean, restore and protect the interior of your vehicle.  We use the right look’s top-of-the-line products and professional techniques, ensuring a cleaning that will not damage the surfaces of your vehicle.  

First, we remove any items remaining in the vehicle so that none of your personal property comes into contact with the detailing products.  We then vacuum and wipe down the entirety of the interior.  If you need to add on a shampoo extraction for deep stains or extra time to remove all the embedded pet hairs, we can do that too!  We then add a conditioner to all surfaces of your vehicle and finish with a layer of protection – stain repellent for fabric, and a conditioning protectant for leather.  All of your windows will be clear for stress-free vision as you drive.

When you sit in your vehicle, you will feel that feeling of when you first sat inside; that “like-new” feeling we all love.  

Exterior Detailing Package

The exterior detailing package includes a hand wash and dry of your vehicle, ensuring the removal of all road grime.  All door jams will be cleaned, keeping outside contaminants from entering your vehicle.

We then use a high-speed polish across the painted exterior of the vehicle and apply wax by hand.  The rims of your tires are also cleaned by hand, and your tires are shined.  Your vehicle will look like a mirror, reflecting everything it passes, and it will be protected from the elements.

Don’t forget to include a headlight restoration to keep your lights bright and nighttime drives safe.  

Extended Exterior Protection Services

The elements in Denver, Colorado call for exterior auto protection that lasts.  At Capital Dent Masters, we offer a variety of services that provide long-term protection.  Ceramic coating is one of the best protection you can apply to the exterior of your vehicle.

Contact us to know more about ceramic coating.  We also offer clear bra installation in our shop at 1515 Grape St in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver.  

Reach out to Capital Dent Masters to book your auto detailing service!

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