PDR Estimate Calculator

Paintless dent repair estimates consider a few factors, like the size and location of the dent. When you are counting the dents, don’t forget to measure the size of each dent! Most dents will be one of the four sizes below (based on US coins) – dime, nickel, quarter or half dollar. You can use the coins as your guide when filling out the PDR Estimate Worksheet. In turn, you’ll save time when submitting your information into the estimate calculator! You can even download and print this worksheet!

NOTE: This Paintless Dent Repair Estimate Calculator is not an actual quote for repairs. The estimate is only as complete as the information provided, which typically varies when inspected under outside conditions versus proper conditions with specialized lighting. Occasionally, we may ask for additional information in order to better complete your estimate. For the most accurate estimate right away, call us at 303-283-9212 to book your free estimate at our shop!

About the Dent Repair Cost Estimator

This estimate calculator is set for dent repair cost using the paintless dent repair method.

If possible, wash your car before inspecting the damage. Also, look at it in a lighted indoor place, like a garage, for the best view. The bright sunshine can often hinder your vision of the dents, depending on the color of your paint. 

Measure each dent with coins – Dime, Nickel, Quarter, and Half Dollar. Don’t forget you can print the worksheet above! Begin at the top of the dent. The coin size that fully covers the dent will be how the dent is marked and priced. If the Half Dollar does not fully cover the dent, it is considered to be Oversized. 

Remember, this calculator is only for the Paintless Dent Repair method. This does not include any additional labor needed for removing panels or interior trim to reach the best access point for repairs. 

An increase in estimates can also be attributed to any parts that are badly damaged or not metal, which would require replacement of the part.

In order to finalize any estimates, we will need to see your vehicle. This can be done over a video call, or in-person at our shop, located at 1515 Grape St. Denver, CO 80220. Give us a call at 303-283-9212 to schedule your free estimate appointment!