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PDR 101

What is PDR? 

PDR is the accepted abbreviation for ‘Paintless Dent Repair’, sometimes known as ‘Paintless Dent Removal’. This is a repair method used in the auto body industry to repair dents, door dings, and most often, hail damage on vehicles. It is the preferred method of insurance companies to repair your vehicle after a hail storm. Click here to see a video breakdown of PDR in action!

History of PDR

The most widely accepted ‘father’ of the paintless dent repair method is Oskar Flaig. Flaig was an employee of Mercedes-Benz. During a car show in New York City in 1960, his responsibility was to clean and repair the body of the vehicles overnight; wiping away the marks left behind by the public, ensuring they looked perfect for the next day’s viewers. One night, Flaig decided to push out a dent from behind, rather than fill it and paint over the filling. Much to his surprise, after pushing the dent from behind, the surface was smooth and perfect; negating the need for filling and paint. Flaig took his new discovery with him back to Germany to perfect the technique, and word spread from there. 

The Art of Paintless Dent Removal

Becoming a certified technician for paintless dent removal is no easy task. It is not just knowing which tools to use on each dent based on the size, location and condition of the paint around the dent. There is truly an artistry to massaging the dents back into place, and it takes years to master. Our technicians have over 12 years of experience repairing vehicles around the world to the highest standards. Aside from impeccable quality, you’ll also find that our repair time is a fraction of the repair time at other shops – a perk of our training in Europe. 

What Tools are Used? 

The paintless dent repair method uses a variety of very specialized tools to bring the vehicle back to like new condition. From lights that allow you to see every imperfection at any angle, to tap down tools – every instrument used is specifically designed to repair the vehicle while retaining the value. Metal rods (that come in all shapes and sizes) are the most commonly used tool during PDR repairs. These rods all have different shapes, allowing each dent to be perfectly reconstructed no matter the location or angle of access. It is said that hammer handles and teaspoons were the original tools used while developing the paintless dent repair method – I’d say we’ve come a long way since then!

Why Capital Dent Masters? 

Capital Dent Masters is an auto body repair shop that specializes in the paintless dent repair method. While it’s most commonly used for hail damage, it can also be used for similarly shaped damage such as door dings. Our technicians have been trained to the highest standard in the industry and maintain that training throughout the year. Not only do we provide exceptional quality, but we truly put our customers first. Ask about the variety of ways we can assist you (from a free rental car to covering your deductible), and experience the stress free repair experience that is Capital Dent Masters! Ready to reach out? Begin your free hail estimate today.




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