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How to Find the Hail Damage Repair Experience You Deserve

Where Should I Repair my Hail Damaged Vehicle?

So you’ve found yourself caught in a hail storm, and now your car is beginning to resemble a golf ball. Living in Colorado, the probability that you get caught under hailstones is high during the summer season. While hail damage to your vehicle can feel like a major hit to your life, there can be hope and peace during your time of stress. Keep reading for tips to get the best repair experience in your area.

What to Consider when Choosing an Auto Body Shop

If you’ve already called your insurance company and filed your claim, you probably already have a list of recommended or ‘preferred shops’ from your insurance company. In no way are you obligated to repair your vehicle at one of these shops. Legally, it is your right to choose the repair facility that is right for you. 

Before making your decision, consider looking for a family-owned, local auto body repair shop that specializes in paintless dent repair (PDR). Not only is it always great to support local businesses in your community, but these shops are more likely to work with you on your repairs.

Auto body or mechanical repairs are stressful enough, why include extra stress because you went to a corporate shop that does not factor in your personal life? Small business-owned shops are more likely to offer different services to assist you, such as covering your rental car fee during repairs. Research what different shops nearby are offering and pick the one that works best for you and your life!  

Why Choose Capital Dent Masters as my Repair Facility?

Pick any review of Capital Dent Masters and you will read a review of someone who chose to trust us with their vehicle.  Throughout the repair process, getting your life back to (your) normal is our goal. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we’re bringing our knowledge to you; with no filter. 

Beginning with an online appointment scheduler, you can easily begin the process from the comfort of right where you are. One of our claim specialists will reach out to speak with you about the next steps. We can support you with any aspect of your hail damage insurance claim, like filing the claim or walking you through your repair options and the process. Once you have filed the claim, our specialists can take over communication with the insurance company – taking off the weight of being the middleman in a game of telephone. 

Real Solutions for Real Life Situations

Leaving your vehicle in a repair facility can be a heart-sinking feeling. How long will the repairs actually take? What arrangements need to be made in order for life to continue? When you choose to repair your vehicle with Capital Dent Masters, we offer solutions. Our goal is to provide a stress-free, hail damaged vehicle repair experience. 

Beginning with a free estimate of the damage to your vehicle, you can count on us to be fair, upfront, and honest. If you’re in need of financial assistance, you may qualify for a waived deductible! Depending on your insurance plan, we may be able to assist you with your rental car coverage for the duration of the repairs to your vehicle. 

Capital Dent Masters won’t have your car sitting in our lot waiting to be repaired for weeks or months. We work with you to schedule a time that works with your life, once the insurance company has approved your repairs. This allows us to complete your repairs in an efficient time frame. Free valet service is also offered for those in need of a ride, or unable to drop off their vehicle for repairs in person, ensuring your busy schedule is not thrown to a wrench. 

Capital Dent Masters is the local auto body repair shop that cares about the human experience just as much as the vehicle. We utilize our knowledge from over a decade of international experience to offer you the shortest repair times, top-rated quality, and a stress-free experience. Get in touch with us today!

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