Headlight & Taillight Restoration

There is no upfront cost for hail damage repair on vehicle fleets. When repairing a fleet, we offer wholesale prices, resulting in our cost being under the insurance company per vehicle. Each fleet is different – from the kind of damage to the number of vehicles included – which allows us to cater the contract to your specific needs. Choosing to work with Capital Dent Masters can end up saving you money in the long run, maintaining the value of your fleet – an asset and investment to your business!

Our technicians are trained at the highest level and are constantly increasing their knowledge with any new technique or tool that becomes available. This gives you the highest quality repair no matter the size of your fleet, or the damage to the vehicle – while also saving you money and retaining value! Technicians can typically be on site no matter your location within a few days and they are some of the fastest and best in the business!

Why worry about my headlights?

Environmental contaminants are all around us and are unavoidable. Road rash is brutal and harshest to the front of your vehicle. Headlights are made out of polycarbonate plastic – a porous material. Although it provides solid protection for the bulb and aides to the aerodynamics of the vehicle, the factory protective layer is not long lasting. These minor erosions build on each other, creating a foggy outer layer of the headlight that reflects the bulb back inside of the vehicle rather than projecting it onto the road. This makes night time driving not only more difficult, but dangerous. Restoring your headlights is a simple, effective way to maintain safety.