Headlight & Taillight Restoration

Headlights (and the windshield) are the eyes of your vehicle. Road rash sands away at the front of our cars, resulting in a fog over the front of the headlights. Without a clean, bright light, you are hindering your own vision while driving. While you could always replace a worn down headlight, the more cost effective and simpler solution is to simply restore the headlight!

clear headlight | CDM Hail Repair
headlight restoration | CDM Hail Repair

Why worry about my headlights?

Environmental contaminants are all around us and are unavoidable. Road rash is brutal and harshest to the front of your vehicle. Headlights are made out of polycarbonate plastic - a porous material. Although it provides solid protection for the bulb and aides to the aerodynamics of the vehicle, the factory protective layer is not long lasting. These minor erosions build on each other, creating a foggy outer layer of the headlight that reflects the bulb back inside of the vehicle rather than projecting it onto the road. This makes night time driving not only more difficult, but dangerous. Restoring your headlights is a simple, effective way to maintain safety.

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