Hail Repair FAQ

At Capital Dent Masters, our proprietary Paintless Dent Removal process uses highly skilled technicians and uniquely designed tools to get in behind the dent and massage and flex the metal back to its original shape rather than covering it up with BONDO and paint. Each dent, no matter how small, must be worked on with one or more PDR tools. Fortunately, metal has a memory and will respond to gentle, even pressure to ease the metal back into its original shape. The paint decompresses along with the metal so that no paint damage occurs.

Yes, insurance companies recommend PDR as a preffered method for hail repair. It’s less invasive than conventional repairs, produces better results, and keeps the value of your vehicle by maintaining the factory paint.

The Paintless Dent Repair PDR process is historically employed to repair damage that occurs when a car’s outer panels are compromised by hail damage or struck by a similar object. For the PDR process to work correctly, the paint on the cars outer panels must not have compromised the finish of the vehicle.

To repair a dent using the PDR process, the technician must be able to access the backside of the dent in order to reverse the effect of the impact.

Capital Dent Masters  knows how to remove hail car dents so successfully that we have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, lifetime warranty as long as you own your vehicle.

Depending on the severity of the storm and the damage on your vehicle, repairtimes can vary. For light to moderate hail damage repairs, it may take 1 to 3 days, but for severe damage that needs body shop participation, for panel replacement and paint work, the repairs may take 2 to 3 weeks.

No. Hail damage is recorded as a comprehensive claim and is at no fault to you. Comprehensive claims and ‘random acts of God’ do not affect your policy.

No, as a policy holder, the choice is yours. If you go to a shop recommended by your insurance company, they are under contract with the insurance company and are required to charge a deductible. An independent paintless dent removal shop like Capital Dent Masters will pay your deductible of up to $1000 and that keeps money in your pocket. Plus, we’re known for fixing hail damage efficiently and affordably, so we are happy to say that you are not limited to your insurance company’s suggestions.

Estimates are subjective opinions of damage and often vary widely. Capital Dent Masters is familiar and experienced with resolving and negotiating differences and will contact your insurance company directly for any additional funds (called Supplements necessary to repair your vehicle to its pre-loss condition.

Any estimate done on a hail damaged vehicle can vary greatly depending on the opinion of the inspector. Capital Dent Masters is very experienced when it comes to resolving and negotiating the differences in the inspection amount supplements and can work directly with your insurance company to get the additional funding you need to get your vehicle to its pre-damaged condition.

The average cost of auto hail repair ultimately depends on the extent of the hail damage and other factors.  Is the paint damaged? Does the glass need to be replaced? Auto hail damage repair is covered with full coverage insurance minus your deductible.

For customers with comprehensive coverage the insurance will cover the cost of repairs. Most customers have a $500 deductible that we waive so the customer pays nothing out of pocket. We also cover the cost of a rental car if its not included in the policy.

Most adjusters write a simplified initial estimate. It is our responsibility to ensure that all the necessary repairs are complete. Before you make your decision, you can bring in your copy of the insurance estimate and we can review them together and determine the differences.

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