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Frequently Asked Auto Hail Damage Repair Questions

Hail storms seemingly pass through the Denver metro area as quickly as they form. With so many hail storms stopping to say hello every year, it is crucial for every car owner in Colorado to understand a little more about auto hail damage at one time or another. We have compiled the most common questions our neighbors, friends, family, and customers ponder.

Keep reading to answer your auto hail damage questions. If you are still stumped, want more details, or are ready to repair your auto hail damage, reach out to Capital Dent Masters. We are Denver’s paintless dent repair experts. 

What Kind of Hail Will Damage My Car?

Before we talk about fixing your hail-damaged car, let’s first talk about the hailstones doing the damage. Hailstones of all sizes can damage your vehicle. Smaller, lighter hailstones will leave minor dents that are hard to notice with an untrained eye. The heavier the hailstone, the more likely you will have severe auto hail damage. To get a full scope of your auto hail damage, complete an estimate at your local auto hail repair shop, like Captial Dent Masters in Denver. 

What Do I Do When My Car Has Hail Damage?

You have a few options when you find yourself with auto hail damage. One option is to contact your auto insurance provider and begin an auto hail claim. Another option is to reach out to your local auto hail repair shop. Capital Dent Masters is an example of a local auto body shop that will walk you through the auto insurance claim and hail damage repair process. 

How is Hail Damage on my Car Repaired?

Hail damage on vehicles can be repaired in one of three ways. The first way is to replace the damaged panel of the car completely. This is not a recommended repair method because it significantly impacts your vehicle’s value when it is not the original parts. 

The most well-known auto hail repair method is the ‘conventional’ method. Conventional auto hail repair uses a filler substance and places it in the dents. Filling the dents, the substance hardens and is then sanded down to match the original curvature of the panel. Panels are then painted to cover the filler substance and match the color of your vehicle. While conventional auto hail repair is more well-known, it is not the best option.

For the best auto hail damage repair, go to an auto body shop specializing in auto hail repair with PDR. PDR is the auto hail repair method auto insurance companies prefer. 

What is PDR?

PDR is short for Paintless Dent Repair or Paintless Dent Removal. Paintless dent repair is the preferred method by auto insurance companies when talking about repairing auto hail damage. Metal rods are guided with pressure by a technician to move the metal dent back into its original position gently. Years of training and practice are required to be a top PDR technician. The paintless dent repair technicians in Denver at Capital Dent Masters have nearly 14 years of experience traveling and repairing auto hail damage in countries around the world. PDR is where artistry meets controlled brute strength. 

What are the PDR Benefits in Denver, Colorado?

Paintless dent repair is the preferred method of repair because of the countless benefits it brings your vehicle. Here are some of our favorites: 

PDR Maintains the Value of Your Vehicle

The reason auto insurance companies love PDR is that it helps maintain the value of your vehicle. When you choose PDR, your truck is unaltered and returns to its previous condition. Your investment, or car, will remain a quality investment and is worth insuring for years. 

PDR is Eco-Friendly

Since PDR does not require chemicals or remove metal panels, it is one of the most environmentally friendly auto repair techniques. The technician’s muscles power the metal rods, and most portable lights run on a rechargeable battery. We love these PDR tools

PDR has Quick Repair Times

When working with paintless dent repair experts in Denver, like Capital Dent Masters, PDR boasts a swifter repair time than conventional. The severity of your damage will determine the repair timeline. However, most PDR repairs finish in two weeks or fewer. 

What Does Pre-Loss Condition Mean in Auto Hail Repair?

The pre-loss condition is just as it sounds. It is the condition your vehicle was in before the hail damage. Any repairs on your car needed due to the hail storm will be covered by insurance. Your vehicle will return to its status before the storm after repairs are complete.  

Will a Hail Damage Claim Increase My Insurance Premium?

No, a hail damage claim will not increase your auto insurance. Auto insurance companies consider hail damage as an ‘Act of God’ or ‘Act of Nature,’ meaning no one is in control. If your comprehensive auto insurance premium increases, it is due to a regional increase, whether or not you filed a claim the previous year. 

Can Auto Body Shops Help Me With My Auto Insurance Claim for Hail Damage?

While we can’t speak for other auto body shops in Denver, we absolutely can help with your auto insurance hail damage claim. Our claim specialists will walk you through each process step and can communicate directly with your auto insurance provider. We aim to create a stress-free auto repair experience. Repairing your hail-damaged vehicle in Denver has never been better than with Capital Dent Masters. 

How Long Does Fixing Hail Damage with PDR Take?

Repair time for PDR on hail damaged vehicles in Denver averages two weeks or fewer at Capital Dent Masters. Damage severity and accessibility will influence the total repair time needed. 

Do I Have to Use the Auto Body Shop My Insurance Recommended?

You are not required to use any auto body shop suggested by your auto insurance company. In fact, after large hail storms, those shops are often flooded with damaged vehicles, and wait times can extend to a month or more. Working with a local, family-owned auto body shop in Denver specializing in PDR, like Capital Dent Masters, will give you the best auto hail repair experience. 

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Auto Hail Damage?

Repairing a hail-damaged vehicle in Denver with paintless dent repair costs $5,000 to $8,000 on average. The cost is determined by factors like the severity of the damage, the materials that comprise your car, and how accessible the damage is.  

Watch a time-lapse as one we fix auto hail damage and dents with paintless dent repair.

What Happens if the Repair Shop’s Estimate is Higher than My Insurance Company’s Estimate?

Discrepancies between hail damage repair estimates are regular. If the repairs of your vehicle will cost more than your auto insurance provider initially projected, the auto body shop will send them a supplement. A supplement lets your insurance provider know where the extra costs come from and why it is necessary to bring your car to pre-loss condition. These differences often come from how the insurance adjuster views your vehicle. Hail damage can only be accurately assessed when the car is clean, in a controlled environment (like our shop), and under specialized lighting. 

Watch a time-lapse as one we fix auto hail damage and dents with paintless dent repair.

What if My Insurance Does Not Provide a Rental Car During Repairs?

At Capital Dent Masters, we offer various services to help lighten your stress load during auto hail damage repairs. Ask our auto hail damage claim specialists today if you qualify for a free rental vehicle during repairs, complimentary valet, or a waived deductible! 

Do I Have to Fix Hail Damage on My Car?

No, you are not required to repair your auto hail damage if your insurance has paid you directly. However, if you have a lien on your vehicle, the lien holder may require you to repair your car or use the check to pay off your loan. This is riskier with hail damage than other auto repairs. If you do not repair your hail damage and are involved in a minor accident, you risk having the insurance company consider your vehicle a total loss. Hail damage is so costly, a little incident could push your vehicle’s value to the threshold. 

Are Auto Hail Damage Repairs Guaranteed?

All auto hail damage repairs in Denver, Colorado, at Capital Dent Masters, come with a limited lifetime warranty. We take pride in our work and know you will too. 

Can You Repair Other Auto Hail Damage, like Windshields or Cracked Paint?

Yes, we offer light collision repair at Capital Dent Masters in addition to our paintless dent repair. Our other services include auto detailing and exterior auto protection installation, like ceramic coatings and clear bras. 

Can I Repair Damage From Multiple Hail Storms with PDR?

The vehicle’s condition before the storm is the key to repairing any vehicle with PDR. You cannot repair your vehicle with PDR if you are driving a car with hailstone damage and incur additional hail damage. 

Auto Hail Damage Repair in Denver, Colorado

Capital Dent Masters sits in the heart of Denver, Colorado, in the Park Hil neighborhood. Family-owned and operated, we are happy to help so many in our community get back to driving in their pre-loss condition. We provide multiple services to help you have a stress-free auto hail repair experience. To learn more about how we can help you, begin your free auto hail damage repair estimate today! 

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