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DIY Door Dings

Take it from me, dents on the doors of your vehicle are not the time or place to adventure into a new DIY door dings project.

No shame to those of you who have tried to repair door dings by yourself. I applaud you if your attempt was successful, and I feel your pain if it was not.

For those of you contemplating your next step – having your vehicle repaired by auto body professionals or taking it upon yourself to repair the dent in your driveway – let me walk you through some points of view you may not have considered, or knew existed… I sure didn’t until I got into this industry!

Repairing Door Dings is an Art

I’ll admit, I consider myself an amateur artist. My love of crafting and DIY has only evolved over the years, and I am always surrounded by artists.

Repairing vehicles is another ballpark. Now that I have seen vehicles revived after hail storms – I’m talking looking like golf balls to fresh off of the dealer lot – I am here to tell you: a paintless dent repair is an art form. Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is a method of removing dents from the panel of an auto body vehicle. Metal rods are used to push the dents from the inside, returning the metal to its original position. Hail storms wreak havoc on vehicles, but paintless dent repair brings the vehicle back to life.

If you truly want your vehicle to look pristine and maintain its monetary value, you will have your vehicle repaired by a PDR specialist.

Hazards of Ding DIY

So you’ve changed the brakes on your vehicle, and you are feeling confident that you can remove this dent with a suction machine (something like this?) and some heat.

Before you do, remember your vehicle is also an investment you made. At some point, you may want to get some of that investment back. Repairing with PDR returns your vehicle to the value it was before the damage. There is no filling or repainting; the panel remains original.

Door ding DIY repairs gone wrong can result in a multitude of issues that will give you the opposite result, or possibly more damage.

A good result will leave your vehicle mostly fixed but not 100 percent, depreciating the value of your vehicle and remaining visible to the naked eye.

A more probable result could be things like fixed, but the paint cracked as you repaired it – resulting in the need to repaint the entire panel. Or one larger dent can turn into multiple, making the dent sharper rather than smooth and quick to repair with paintless dent repair.

No matter what happens, the chance that you will repair your vehicle back to perfect is near to nothing. It is more likely that you create a larger repair job, and your vehicle ends up with more damage. 

No Fear, CDM is Here

Not to worry – Capital Dent Masters is the answer to your troubles.

For the Denver metro area, we are your local family-owned auto body repair shop, and we specialize in paintless dent repair!

You will not find a better quality repair, friendlier service, or a shop that takes care of you better than Capital Dent Masters.

Our technicians are trained and held to the highest standard in the paintless dent repair industry and kept up to date with any new methods and tools.

Our claim specialists will walk you through the process, and can even speak directly with your insurance company – taking the stress out of auto body repairs.

Even better, door ding repairs often can be done in one day!  Schedule your free estimate today, and see how we can help you.

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