Dent & Door Ding Repairs

Door dings will happen no matter how careful you are - parking lots and garages are the top culprits on mystery dings. Have you ever noticed a glimmer in your car as you walk back out to it with your shopping bags? Are the cars parked next to you different? If so, there’s a good chance our friendly parking lot neighbor love tapped your car a little too hard. Leaving the park and notice a nice new, ball size dent on your vehicle? It’s likely your vehicle was the victim of a runaway pass.

No matter how minor the dent or damage, it can and will affect the curb appeal and (more importantly) the value of your vehicle. Please, let the professionals repair the damage before you try an at home quick fix. When a dent occurs without cracking the paint, the best method of repair is almost always paintless dent repair. Our techniques will leave your vehicle looking as good as new, value intact, without needing to paint.

You will have a hard time finding the spot of the dent after we repair your vehicle - they become erased! Using the paintless dent repair method allows us to guide the panel back into its original and natural position, without messing with the finish of your vehicle.

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Same Day Dent Removal

Door dings and small dents can be fixed in the same day! When you call to set up an appointment, ask about our Express Dent and Door Dent Repair Service. The average cost of repairing small dings and dents is typically less than a deductible, therefore there is no need to file an insurance claim - it would be coming out of your pocket anyways. Price and speed of repair depends on the size and location of the dent, but often times with a door ding, it can be repaired within a reasonable waiting time! Have more than one door ding to repair? Ask us about group pricing! Leasing your vehicle? Compare our prices to your leasing fees. We are on your side!

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