You are currently viewing Dealing with Hail Damage? How Capital Dent Masters Can Get Your Car Looking Like New Again

Dealing with Hail Damage? How Capital Dent Masters Can Get Your Car Looking Like New Again

Dealing with Hail Damage? How Capital Dent Masters Can Get Your Car Looking Like New Again

Living in Colorado, you may have first-hand experience with how damaging hailstorms can be. When those golf ball-sized chunks of ice, or hailstones, fall from the sky, car exteriors, windows, roofs, and crops can become broken, dimpled, or dented instantly. 

If your car or truck was pelted during a recent hailstorm, you probably have multiple dings, dents, and chips in the paint and body panels. Not to worry – the skilled technicians at Capital Dent Masters are experts at hail damage repair and dent removal. Our specialty is Paintless Dent Removal (or PDR), the preferred repair method for auto hail damage. We make the repair process easy for you by working directly with your auto insurance provider to have your car back on the road, looking great again.

How Does Hail Cause Damage to Your Vehicle?

Hail storms can damage your cars in a few different ways. When hailstones fall from the sky, they hit your vehicle at high speeds, packing a serious punch. The impact immediately creates dents on the metal panels and plastic trim. It may be considered cosmetic damage, but auto hail damage can crucially decrease the value of your vehicle. 

Hailstones can chip paint, exposing the metal underneath to the elements. The edges of hail dings and dents become prone to peeling and flaking paint. Over time, trapped moisture from hail damage can lead to rust and other issues. 

Large hail over 1 inch in diameter is massive enough to shatter windshields. Even small hailstones that leave cosmetic auto hail damage decreases your car’s resale value immensely. A minor fender bender can total a vehicle that is driving with auto hail damage. That is why prompt, high-quality hail damage repair pays off in the long run.

Can Hail Damage be Repaired, or Does It Need Body Work? 

Yes! You can repair the auto hail damage on your car. Whether your auto hail damage requires dent repair, body work, repainting, or a combination of the three depends on the severity of the damage. Some dings and dents from hail are reversible with paintless dent repair. This specialized technique uses custom tools to massage dents out from behind the panel. When done correctly, paintless dent repair removes dents from your car while keeping its factory paint intact, restoring the value of your vehicle. 

If the hail dents are too deep or creased, traditional body work and repainting may be necessary. These repairs involve pulling out the damaged metal panel, performing repairs, applying body filler (such as BONDO), priming, and spraying new paint to blend with the rest of the undamaged area. 

How Do I File an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage Repair?

Filing an auto insurance claim for auto hail damage in Colorado is a common concern for vehicle owners. Not to worry! Here is a quick rundown on filing an auto insurance claim for hail damage: 

Contact your car insurance company immediately after a hailstorm to start your auto insurance claim. Your auto insurance agent will ask for details about the auto hail damage, including the storm’s date, time, location, and a description of the damage to your vehicle. Then your auto insurance company sends a claims adjuster to inspect your car and assess the cost of repairs. The auto insurance company will determine whether your policy covers the auto hail damage and if your vehicle is totaled or repairable. 

You will also want an estimate from an auto body shop, like Capital Dent Masters in Denver, Colorado. We will help you navigate the auto hair repair process by speaking directly with your auto insurance provider. Once your repairs are approved, you can schedule hail damage repair at our shop, and we handle the rest! 

Ready to file a claim? Here is a list of all the major insurance providers we work with to make the claims process smooth and easy for you. Our claim specialists will speak directly with your insurance, allowing you to relax knowing your claim is handled and the auto hail damage is in repair. 


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Why Choose Capital Dent Masters for Your Hail Damage Repair?

With over 25 years of worldwide paintless dent repair expertise, Capital Dent Masters is the smart choice for auto hail damage restoration. Our experienced technicians combine cutting-edge tools with meticulous craftsmanship to remove dents, repair panels, and refinish your vehicle’s exterior. We are a premier auto body shop providing paintless dent repair, collision repair, and paint services from two conveniently located shops in Denver and Aurora. Our highly skilled team of technicians have decades of experience in hail damage repair. 

Benefits of Using Capital Dent Masters for Hail Damage Repair:

  • Paintless Dent Repair is our primary repair technique, so we preserve as much of the original paint as possible. 
  • We maintain excellent working relationships with all major insurance companies. 
  • All paintless dent repair comes with a written lifetime warranty. 
  • Our convenient location makes dropping off and picking up your car easy. 
  • We focus on customer service and repair quality to give you the best auto hail repair experience in Denver. 

What’s the Repair Process Like at Capital Dent Masters?

We have tailored our auto hail repair process at Capital Dent Masters to be supportive for you. All hail damage estimates are free of charge. Our auto body techs will assess the extent of damage and determine the necessary repairs. We will provide you with a detailed repair quote to share with your adjuster. With a claim in progress, we can communicate directly with your insurance adjuster about your auto hail repair needs, saving you time and energy. Once approved, we will schedule the intensive repair work, keeping you updated along the way. In as little as a few days, you will have your car back to how it was before the hail damage! 

Will Insurance Cover Hail Damage? What About My Deductible? 

Most standard comprehensive auto insurance policies cover auto hail damage with a $500 to $2,000 deductible. We work with adjusters to determine coverage amounts based on the type of repairs needed. Some auto body shops will cover a portion of your deductible, too!  

If you live in a place with frequent hail storms, like Colorado, check with your auto insurance provider to confirm your policy covers hail damage. It is often considered an act of god, meaning there is no fault, and your policy will not be raised due to a claim. 

Why Not to Driving a Car with Hail Dents and Damage

We never recommend waiting to get the auto hail dings and dents fixed. There are a few reasons why having your auto hail repair scheduled sooner rather than later is crucial. 

  • The longer you wait, the more exposed your paint becomes to future damage from the elements. 
  • If you are in a minor collision incident, your car could be deemed a total loss due to the auto hail damage. 
  • It hurts to see your car looking dimpled every time you drive it! 

After a storm, bring your vehicle to your local auto body experts for a free hail damage inspection as soon as possible. Contact Capital Dent Masters today to get a quote for expert, affordable hail damage repair services near Denver, Colorado.

What Areas of My Car Are Most Prone to Hail Damage?

Certain sections of your vehicle take the brunt of hail’s force when hail storms strike. Areas that stick out or are more vertical tend to show the most markings and dents from hail’s impact. 

These are the primary zones to inspect closely for hail damage:

  • Hood – Since the hood sticks out, it is a prime target for hail. Check for dents, paint chips, and scratches.
  • Roof – As hailstones bounce off the roof, they cause dings and dents. The thin sheet metal is easily marked.
  • Trunk – Much like the hood, a trunk lid gets beat by hail as it falls. Look for dents and paint damage.
  • Windshield and windows – Hail can crack or dent glass easily, especially the side or back windows.
  • Front fenders – Front fenders are exposed, sustaining damage as hail pelts the front of the car.
  • Doors – Solid hits from hailstones can make dents in the upper part of doors right below the windows. 
  • Rear fenders – Like front fenders, rear ones stick out enough to get easily dented by hail.

Check both the horizontal and vertical body panels around your car to fully identify areas needing dent repair from a storm. The technicians at Capital Dent Masters will thoroughly examine your entire vehicle and make sure no dent goes unrepaired. 

How Long Does Hail Damage Take to Repair?

The timeframe for auto hail repairs heavily depends on the severity of the damage. Minor dings and dents from small hail may only take 1-2 days for paintless dent repair. More extensive, deeper dents needing body filler, sanding, and repainting can take 3-5 days depending on the extent of damage. For vehicles with very significant damage spanning multiple panels and parts of the car, repairs may take 5-7 days to complete. 

At Capital Dent Masters, we strive to fix hail damage and return vehicles as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality standards. Let us know if you need rental car assistance while your repairs are in progress to keep your normal flow of life.

Trust Capital Dent Masters for Expert Hail Damage Restoration

The paintless dent repair expertise at Capital Dent Masters shines in auto hail repair. Our auto body technicians have the experience, tools, and passion to remove hail damage while protecting your car’s finish. For top-quality hail repair services, excellent customer service, and a convenient experience, choose Capital Dent Masters. Contact us today for a free auto hail repair estimate!

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