What is the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is the highest standard of protection you can apply to the exterior of your vehicle. Silica and titanium dioxide when mixed form a covalent bond. This bond is hydrophobic in nature and creates a nano-ceramic shield that adheres to the vehicle’s clear coat. The shield is powerful and stands up to the harshest contaminants like bird droppings, oxidation, road salt, UV rays and minor scratches. Ceramic coating is in a class of its own when the durability of protection is compared to the durability of wax or sealants.

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Why choose ceramic coating?

Aside from the incredible, long lasting protection your vehicle has; ceramic coating provides the perfect base for maintaining the condition of your vehicle’s exterior. The hydrophobic shield creates a slick base that is hard for contaminants to penetrate. This means that hand washing your vehicle is a breeze as any parts of environmental contaminants that do manage to hang around are effortlessly wiped away when washing. Having such a powerful protectant on the exterior of your vehicle saves you hours of maintenance time in the long run!

The Process

Applying ceramic coating requires a three stage buffing process. Before we can begin buffing, however, the vehicle is hand washed and then clay bar is applied. Clay bar is a compound that we use to remove deeply embedded environmental contaminants from the surfaces of the exterior. Once the car has been hand washed and dried, we can begin the buffing process. First, a specialized pad is used to remove below surface defects such as swirl and scratch marks. Second, a super finely coarse pad is used to refine the previously damaged areas corrected in the first step. Finally, the protective layer is added (synthetic wax, paint sealant or ceramic coating) conditioning and protection the paint of your vehicle.

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Paint Correction

The term “paint correction” is used to refer to the process of removing a variety of imperfections from the surface of your vehicle’s exterior paint. Over time, imperfections arise like dull or faded areas, fine scratches, acid rain etching, etching from bird droppings, hard water marks, spider webbing and so much more! We permanently remove them and bring shine back to your vehicle’s exterior, restoring and rejuvenating the factory paint on your vehicle. No matter the vehicle, all paint will need correction at some point in it’s life!

Environmental contaminants are not the only reasons for needing paint correction on your vehicle. If a portion of the body of your vehicle is replaced and painted, you may be left with overspray (extra paint on a part that was not to be painted) if the technician is not detail oriented or being careless. We can help fix that for you!

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