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Can I Fix the Dent on My Car by Myself?

Do-It-Yourself Dent Repair Questions Answered

Dents are a common occurrence with any vehicle.  Door dings are the result of an item striking the panel of your vehicle, most commonly the door of a neighboring vehicle in a parking lot.  Amazon sells do-it-yourself dent repair kits, which are just as likely (if not more likely) to cause damage, rather than repair it.  However, can I fix the dent on my car by myself?  In this article, we’ll go over some risks of fixing dents on your vehicle yourself.  We will also talk about why paintless dent repair in Denver, Colorado is the best option for your vehicle.  If you are ready to contact a professional dent removal auto body shop in Denver, Colorado, you can click here. 

Where Did the Dent on My Car Come From?

Dents come in all shapes and sizes.  When an item strikes the panel of your vehicle with force, it can leave a dent in the metal panel.  Door dings are the most common dent found on the side of a vehicle.  They are the result of the door from another car striking the panel of your vehicle.  Dents occur most often in parking lots, where there are smaller parking spaces and higher traffic.  Runaway shopping carts can also leave a dent in your vehicle.  Other objects that could leave an impression are sports balls, animals, and stationary objects such as poles and mailboxes.

Can I fix the dent on my car by myself?

Could you repair the dent on your vehicle at home?  You most certainly can try, however, it is not recommended.  Repairing a dent in your vehicle involves reshaping the metal panel back to its original form.  While do-it-yourself kits are a popular solution for at-home repair, they can also cause more damage to your vehicle.  Here is a more in-depth look at some risks of fixing a dent at home. 

What are the Risks of Do-It-Yourself Dent Repair?

Do-it-yourself dent repair may seem like the easiest solution, however, the other side of it brings many risks to your vehicle.  Here are the top things to keep in mind when researching dent removal in Denver, Colorado. 

Can Lead to More Serious Damage

Improper repair of auto dents is likely to lead to more serious damage to your vehicle down the road.  Cracks in the paint of your vehicle open the exterior to many contaminants.  Because the paint acts as the protective layer for the exterior of your vehicle, cracks in the paint mean you are no longer protected.  Rust and paint oxidation are two of the most common and serious damage issues.

Understanding how to bring the metal panel to its original shape without damaging the paint takes an understanding of the metal and curvature of the panel that you only get with professional training and practice.  

Higher Cost of Repair Overall

It is more likely that you will cause more damage to your vehicle if you try to repair dents at your home, without proper training.  This creates a spiral effect, leading you to a higher cost of repairs in the future.  A kit online may have a more approachable price tag at first, but you must factor in the cost of repairs down the line should your vehicle be damaged further.

Paintless Dent Repair Cannot Be Performed on Prior Work

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is the preferred method for dent removal and dent repair by experts and insurance companies.  We’ll go over what PDR is more below, but for now, what you need to know is that it can only be done when the dent has not been tampered with.  This means that if you try to fix the dent yourself and are unsuccessful, many professionals will not be able to return the vehicle to its original state.  When it comes time to part ways with your vehicle, the dents will still be there, or you will have to replace the panel in its entirety.  Both of these options leave you with a lower resale value than if your vehicle was in its original condition.  Dent removal at home can be quite an expensive endeavor when you look at the big picture. 

Why Choose Professional Dent Removal in Denver, CO

Choosing to repair your vehicle with a professional dent removal company can save you many headaches and much strife in the long run.  Paintless dent repair is the preferred method of dent repair by auto insurance companies.  Even if you are not planning to file a claim, it can be done. 

Capital Dent Masters

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, commonly referred to as PDR, is a method used for dent removal in automobiles.  This method uses different tools to guide the metal panel of your vehicle to its original shape.

After proper cleaning, specialized lights are used to see where the metal is out of shape at even the smallest degree.  Metal rods are then inserted behind the metal panel through factory access points built-in during the automobile’s assembly.  The metal is then guided using different pressure points until it has returned to where it is meant to be.  

Where did PDR Come From?

Paintless dent repair was developed in Germany at the Mercedes-Benz factory.  Technicians responsible for keeping the car in pristine condition began using metal spoons to try to reshape the panels of dented vehicles.

This has since developed into an array of different tools with different shapes, in order to repair dents at any angle. 

Can Anyone Perform Paintless Dent Repair?

Sure, anyone could become a technician for paintless dent repair.  However, there are a few things it does require.  You should have a love for cars, as you will be working with them daily.  PDR also requires strength, as you are working with metal.  There is an artistry to paintless dent repair as well, as you are reshaping the metal with the human eye.  If you feel confident you would like to find out more, your next step would be to sign up for training.  

Some beginners find training and apprenticeship at a working auto repair shop with PDR knowledge.  You can also attend training programs through certified schools. Top paintless dent repair schools in the US like this one have base tuition rates of up to $5,000 to begin training.

Paintless dent repair takes time and practice to master.   It requires strength as well as artistry to bring the metal panels back to life.

Why Is Paintless Dent Repair the Preferred Method for Dent Removal?

Paintless dent repair is the preferred method for repairing dents because it does not require repainting in order to complete the repairs.  The metal is guided back into place while keeping the paint over the dent intact.  This returns your vehicle to its original condition.  Keeping your vehicle’s factory paint in good condition, as well as the metal panels, will increase the resale value of your vehicle down the road.  

Insurance companies prefer this because the vehicle they have insured remains valuable.  Paintless dent repair for hail-damaged vehicles is covered under the majority of comprehensive auto insurance plans.  For those of you that live in areas of the country that have frequent hail storms, ensure your auto insurance plan covers hail damage repair. 

Paintless Dent Repair Can Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

Reselling your vehicle without having to change any of the original parts that it was assembled within the factory will increase its value of it for years to come.  Paintless dent repair corrects random dents as well as auto hail damage.  Repairing your vehicle with PDR returns your vehicle to its original condition, therefore maintaining the value prior to the damage.  

PDR is Eco-Friendly

The paintless dent repair is an eco-friendly option for dent removal in Denver, Colorado.  This method does not require any chemicals or materials that are bad for the environment.  Apart from the electricity required for the specialized lamps (often powered by rechargeable batteries), paintless dent repair requires nothing else from the environment to be performed.  Washing the vehicle, if not using a localized washing spray, is the only other resource needed.  This is a much smaller impact on the environment than replacing a full metal panel, but will also require painting and putting more metal into the junkyards.

Professional Dent Removal in Denver, Colorado

When afflicted with a dent in your automobile, it is best to have it repaired by a professional.  Capital Dent Masters is your local, family-owned auto body shop.  We specialize in paintless dent repair.  With over a decade of experience working across Europe, North America, and South America, we have become experts in the paintless dent repair method.  Our quality of repair is unmatched due to our unique training and experience in the hail damage repair and paintless dent repair industry.  

We offer dent removal and door ding repair services in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood.  Small dents and door dings can often be removed in less than a day, allowing your life to continue without major disruptions to the flow.  Trusting trained professionals will bring peace of mind that your vehicle is properly taken care of.  Maintain the value of your vehicle and have your dents repaired by Capital Dent Masters.  Your future self will thank you!

Our auto insurance claim specialists can walk you through the claim process and communicate directly with your insurance provider. 

Reach Out Today for Your Free Dent Repair Estimate in Denver, CO.

As we have learned today, it is usually best to allow professionals to repair dents in your vehicle.  Save yourself the extra strife and worry, and reach out to a local paintless dent repair auto body shop today! 

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