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Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair in Denver, Colorado

Paintless dent repair is becoming increasingly popular for dent repair in Denver, Colorado. Have you heard of it? Do you wonder why paintless dent repair is the preferred auto hail repair method by auto insurance companies? You have come to the right article. Today, we will go over the benefits of paintless dent repair on your vehicle in Denver, Colorado. In addition to explaining what paintless dent repair is and how it benefits your vehicle, we will look at Denver’s hail damage experts, Capital Dent Masters. Now, let’s get into the essence of paintless dent repair. 

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair in Denver, Colorado, Table of Contents:

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is a technique used for auto dent repair. Occasionally referred to as paintless dent removal, PDR is becoming more popular in the United States yearly. Especially useful for auto dents such as door dings and hail damage, paintless dent repair is just as much artistry as it is a method of auto dent repair. 

Origin of Paintless Dent Repair

The origins of paintless dent repair are credited to two different men. In 1931, Frank T. Sargent wrote a book called “The Key to Metal Bumping.” This book discussed different metals, how flexible they were, and which standard tools Mr. Sargent had successfully bent these metals. Nearly 30 years later, Mr. Sargent’s concepts were put to the test by a Mercedes-Benz employee, Oskar Flaig. 

Oskar Flaig worked in the showroom during a February 1960 International Motor Sports Show held in New York City. Each night, after the spectators had left, Mr. Flaig was in charge of cleaning the vehicles, wiping away fingerprints left behind by the viewers. Oskar Flaig would also fill any indentations on the vehicle’s panels with a filler, then sand and paint to match the rest of the car. In an attempt to save time, one evening, Mr. Flaig used a hammer to massage a dent from the inside of the vehicle. Hoping to save some filler on each dent, Mr. Flaig quickly realized he, in fact, did not need the filler at all. 

For about 20 years, the paintless dent repair method was perfected and used in the Mercedes-Benz and BMW factories. At this time, paintless dent repair gained popularity across Europe and became a sought-after auto dent repair method. Around 1980, paintless dent repair arrived in the Midwestern United States with a German man, who is very much a mystery. Dent Kraft is credited with being the first PDR company in the USA. 

As technology advances, the tools used in paintless dent repair have become more specialized. However, the passion for reviving a vehicle and craft in molding the metal remains true today. 

Auto Dent Repair
Did you know that hail damage is harder to see on lighter colored vehicles?

Paintless Dent Repair is the Preferred Method of Auto Dent Repair by Auto Insurance Companies Country Wide.

The Paintless Dent Repair Process

Using tools such as metal rods, hammers, glue pulls, and specialized LED panel lights, PDR restores your vehicle to its condition before the dent damage. In order to access each dent from the inside, panels, headliners, and other pieces may be temporarily removed from your vehicle. Factory access points built into your car from the manufacturer allow metal rods to reach between the panels and repair the dent without complete disassembly. 

The metal rods used in paintless dent repair vary in length, size, and width. They also have varying shapes at the end, allowing the PDR technician in Denver, Colorado, to have the exact pressure angle on each dent. Here is where art comes into paintless dent repair. Your PDR technician powers the tools used for your auto dent repair in Denver, Colorado, with their strength. Having extreme control over your strength, feeling the curve of the dent from the back, and impeccable eyesight are all crucial to paintless dent repair. A PDR technician must also be knowledgeable in the properties of each metal type to use the precise amount of pressure without stretching the metal. 

Specialized LED panel lights are used to see each minute curvature in the panel to successfully complete each auto dent repair in Denver, Colorado. Hammers and glue pulls are used for severe auto dents or door dings without a clear access path. Paintless dent repair can be chosen to repair various dents on your vehicle. However, PDR cannot repair dents on plastic pieces of your car. Those pieces will need to be replaced.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair for Your Car in Denver, Colorado

Paintless dent repair offers many benefits when chosen for auto dent repair in Denver, Colorado, over conventional repair techniques. Here are our four favorite benefits of paintless dent repair. 

PDR Maintains the Value of Your Vehicle

Paintless dent repair will maintain the value of your vehicle by returning it to its condition just prior to the dent or hail damage. This hugely impacts your vehicle, as keeping the original parts intact (paint, panels, etc.) is influential to your vehicle’s value. Conventional repairs can increase the value of your car from its value with the damage, but PDR will restore the value of your vehicle. 

An Eco-Friendly Auto Dent Repair Option

A huge benefit for many Coloradans is the eco-friendly nature of paintless dent repair. Panels are not replaced, so no metal is sent to the junkyard. Filler and paint are unnecessary, negating any extra plastic and harmful fumes sent into our thin air. Even the specialized LED light panels use a rechargeable battery. At each turn, PDR offers an auto dent repair in Denver, Colorado, an option that does not harm the world we thrive in. 

PDR is Quick and Efficient

Part of the reason PDR is a much quicker auto dent repair in Denver, Colorado, is because it is not a multistep repair process. Conventional auto dent repair requires a filler substance, drying time, sanding, color painting, drying time, clear coat application, more drying, and finally, reinstallation of the panel. Paintless dent repair solely cleans the vehicle, sets lights, marks the dents, and begins repairs. The lack of drying time and multiple steps in the repair process resulted in a quicker repair. The repair time for a hail damaged vehicle repaired with paintless dent repair can range from one day to a few weeks, depending on the severity of the hail damage. 

Paintless Dent Repair is More Affordable

Although expensive when you see an auto hail damage repair estimate, paintless dent repair still rings up at a lower cost than traditional repairs. Under most comprehensive plans, auto insurance companies cover PDR for hail damaged vehicles in Denver, Colorado, and across the country. The lower expense is another reason auto insurance companies prefer paintless dent repair for auto hail damage repair. 

Denver, Colorado Climate and Paintless Dent Repair

Living in Denver, Colorado, or another city in one of the many Hail Alley states suggests you will see multiple hail storms each year. During the summer months, a band of states across the center of the United States faces the possibility of sudden, severe damage. This area of the USA has been nicknamed ‘Hail Alley.’ The most severe hail storm to hit the Denver, Colorado, metro area left over $2.3 Billion in damages on May 8, 2017. 

Fortunately, PDR is the perfect solution for auto hail damage repair. Requiring no extra materials, the PDR method will have your car back to you in no time, hail damage free. 

Paintless Dent Repair Experts in Denver, Colorado

Capital Dent Masters is an auto body shop nestled in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Experts in paintless dent repair, Capital Dent Masters has been taking care of hail damaged vehicles in the community for 5+ years and globally for 14+ years. The experience and expertise of the PDR technicians bring unmatched auto hail damage repair to the Denver, Colorado, area. Backing every hail damage repair with a limited lifetime warranty, care is taken in meticulously repairing each dent, which shines in the end. 

Our customer service brings an auto dent repair experience unlike any other. Claim specialists will walk you through the auto dent repair process in Denver, Colorado. Creating a stress-free auto hail repair experience, we will speak directly with your auto insurance company, negating your role as the middleman. With offers ranging from a complimentary rental vehicle to covering $1,000.00 of your deductible, we believe in a customized auto hail repair experience that best suits your life. 

Family-owned and operated, Capital Dent Masters provides premier paintless dent repair in Denver, Colorado. You are a part of the family when you choose to trust Capital Dent Masters with your auto dent repair in Denver. Expect to feel confident you and your vehicle are in the best hands when entrusting Capital Dent Masters with your auto hail damage repair. The highest standards of quality with your customized auto dent repair service plan are like none other. 

Reach out for your free estimate today, and find out how paintless dent repair at Capital Dent Masters in Denver, Colorado, can benefit you and your vehicle. 

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