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Auto Insurance & Act of God

You may have heard of an “Act of God” when talking about an insurance claim that has to do with a natural disaster. But what is considered an Act of God to the insurance company?

Why is it a clause you should understand if most of your insurance policy is full of clauses you vaguely understand? Well, an Act of God clause can be a lifesaver. Let me break down what the clause is, why it’s helpful, and how it applies to you! Legal Resources explains how an Act of God clause is applied in different areas of the law or different contracts. In legal jargon, an Act of God is more commonly called “Force Majeure”. When applied to an auto insurance contract, or your policy, the Act of God clause protects your vehicle when an event occurs that cannot be controlled by humans.

This could be many things such as flood, fire, or – you guessed it – hail storms. Colorado is a part of the “hail alley” zone of the United States, and the Denver area sees hail storms regularly. Luckily for us, these hail storms are considered an Act of God. 

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

After working in the auto industry, I learned that I will always have a comprehensive auto insurance policy from here on out. There are just so many factors out of your control in this world.

I, for one, do not wish to be constantly stressed that something bad will happen, and it will not be covered by my insurance. My car is always my baby – I name it, take great care of it, and it takes me everywhere through everything. The last thing I want is one of my pride and joys to be gimping along because I am struggling to figure out how to get it fixed.

Allstate has a nice glimpse of the difference between collision insurance and comprehensive insurance here. They explain it better than I can, after all, it’s their real difference in policies!

Hail Damage & Act of God Clause

So if my comprehensive insurance policy covers natural disasters, does that mean that hail damage repair is covered under the Act of God clause?

You’ve got it!

Hail damage repair is covered under your comprehensive insurance policy, and getting your vehicle repaired will not make your monthly premium go up. Whether you think of your car as a part of your family or as a financial investment, you want to get it repaired.

The value goes down so drastically with hail damage that a fender bender could result in totaling your car due to previous damage. Your comprehensive insurance policy covers the repairs, and the Act of God clause ensures repairs will not result in your monthly premium going up (like collision insurance might).

What reason could you have not to fix it? Oh, you must not have an auto body shop you trust. Let me recommend one to you.

Introducing Capital Dent Masters

If you are in the Denver area, Capital Dent Masters is the auto body shop you need to know about.

If you’re already a part of the family, thank you for your trust and for spreading the word about our great work – we wouldn’t be here without you!

Located in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, CO, Capital Dent Masters offers a range of services from light collision to detailing, but they specialize in a technique called “Paintless Dent Repair”.

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is the preferred repair method for hail damage repair by insurance companies. Each technician is a metal artisan, molding the metal panels of your vehicle back to their original shape. This method is highly technical and takes years of training, and will save the value of your vehicle.

You can see more about the PDR process at Capital Dent Masters here. To go along with the exceptional repair quality at fair prices, the customer service here is not just another auto body shop.

From covering your deductible to including free valet service or making sure you get a rental vehicle when needed, there is no shortage of ways that Capital Dent Masters reduces stress. My favorite part of working with them, however, was the claim specialists. The insurance company spoke directly with the claim specialist, taking me out of the “middle man” position. I felt confident in the decisions I made when I made them because I knew they cared about getting my life back to normal as much as I did.

Check out all the services they offer while you make sure you’ve got comprehensive auto insurance before hail season is upon us, Denver!

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