The Process


The first step for a complete auto detailing! We use the latest technology and procedures to detail your car; including power washing the exterior at the proper psi and a clay bar treatment to remove fallout, dirt and other contaminants - giving us a clean base to detail your vehicle!

Gold Package

The second step in our auto detailing is to restore your vehicle. We use professionally developed procedures in which we take all the necessary actions to bring your car back to “like new” condition. From fabric and leather reconditioning, to compounding the exterior clear coat, your vehicle will be well cared for.

Platinum Package

The last step in our process is to protect the work. After cleaning and reconditioning your vehicle, we offer several layers of protection that range from short to long term protection. Exterior offers include synthetic wax, all natural carnauba wax, or paint sealant for the ultimate protection.

Exterior Detailing

Colorado is a beautiful state and has more sunny days than any other state in the United States. Unfortunately, with that sunshine comes harsh conditions for the exterior of your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, the paint on your car will begin to fade, crack, peel and oxidize. Not to mention the rocks, road salt, gravel and magnesium chloride that will also damage the exterior to your vehicle with regular driving and especially mountain excursions.

We’d love to maintain your vehicle.

At Capital Dent Masters, we offer a range of packages to fit the needs of you and your vehicle. Here are a few suggestions to retain value of your vehicle:

Even if it’s going to snow again next week, that salt will be sitting on your vehicle, eating away at the paint until it’s washed off. Drive through car washes may be convenient, but have you ever noticed swirl marks on your car? Did you know that many of those mechanical car washes are to blame for those swirl marks? That’s why we offer hand wash packages – even your vehicle needs proper care and TLC!

Different lifestyles require different levels of protection. We can help you navigate the options, and give you the information to make the best educated decision for YOU. With wax, we recommend reapplying it every three months, or with the turn of each new season. Don’t want to think about waxing your car four times a year? Ceramic Coating is the best and longest lasting protection on the market.

Paint correction may sound scary, but it’s the term our industry uses to describe restoring and rejuvenating the factory paint on your vehicle. Over time, imperfections arise like dull or faded areas, fine scratches, acid rain etching, etching from bird droppings, and so much more! Remember the drive thru car wash lines? We make them disappear and bring shine back to your vehicle’s exterior.

What is included in exterior detailing?
polishing protect | CDM Hail Repair

Interior Detailing

Our professionally trained technicians will use the most advanced methods to restore the interior of your vehicle to “like new” condition as best as possible. The interior can be vacuumed, shampooed and extracted to remove stains, mud or general grime. Although not every stain can be completely removed, we will use each tool in our box to make the stain as minor as possible. We also treat any leather and even plastic interior trim! Your vehicle will not only be deeply cleaned, but will be conditioned and protected to help you maintain that “like new” feel as long as possible!

What is included in exterior detailing?
auto interior | CDM Hail Repair
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