Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing Services

We offer a wide range of services to bring your vehicle back to like new condition after hail repair. from interior restoration to paint sealant, We make sure to follow the latest SOP’s in the industry.

With at a minimum of 80 hours of training, each one of our technicians are trained in exterior/interior auto reconditioning. With an extensive understanding of vehicle’s anatomy, our technicians are able to fully care for your vehicle using a very systematic approach and Auto detailing standard operating procedures.

The Process


The first step for a complete Auto Detailing. CLEAN, we use the latest technology and procedure to detail your car including power washing at the proper psi and clay bar treatment to remove fallout, dirt, and other contaminants.


The second step in Auto Detailing, RESTORE, with our professionally developed procedures we take all the necessary actions to restore your car to “like new condition”. From carpet and fabric reconditioning to compounding your car’s clear coat.


The last step in auto detailing. PROTECT; after cleaning and reconditioning your vehicle, we have developed several levels of protection from short term to long term. Synthetic wax, all natural carnauba wax or the ultimate protection, “The Paint SEALANT”.

Our Prices

Our detailing department was created with the mission of cleaning, restoring and protecting your second biggest investment, your vehicle. We take Auto detailing to the next level using the latest Auto Detailing SOP’s


$125 - $145

Standard - SUV

  • Hand Wash / Dry / Wheels / Vac
  • Clean Plastic / Dress Dash
  • 1 Stage Polish / Express Wax
  • Wheels / Tires
  • Windows



Standard - SUV

  • Hand Wash / Dry / Wheels / Vac
  • Clean Plastic / Dress Interior
  • 2 Stage Polish / Wax
  • Exterior Dress / Wheels Dress
  • Windows



Standard - SUV

  • Hand Wash / Dry / Wheels / Vac
  • Clean Plastic / Dress Interior
  • Extract Mats / Fabric
  • Compound / 2 STG Polish
  • Paint Sealant

Extra Services

A la Carte

Standard - SUV

  • Engine Detail $50
  • Leather Treatment $65
  • Fabric Protection $45
  • Scratch Removal $99/Panel
  • Fabric Extraction $125 -$225

Just get in touch to learn more about our auto detailing services.