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All About Auto Dent Repair in Denver, Colorado

A dented vehicle is something most car owners experience at one time or another. Did you know that different dents require different repair techniques and expertise? 

In this article we discuss all things auto dent repair in Denver, giving you the big picture of auto dent repair. We will review the kinds of dents, common causes of auto dents, how to repair auto dents, and auto dent experts in Denver. But first, why is it even important to repair a dent in your vehicle? 

Why Repair Dents on Your Car – Are Auto Dents Just Cosmetic?

Many car owners question why they should take the time or spend the money to repair a dent on their vehicle. After all, a dent is just a cosmetic imperfection, right? Not quite – auto dents impact more areas of your vehicle than just the cosmetic preferences. Although, many owners also choose auto dent repairs because of their cosmetic preferences. 

While a minor aspect for most, dents in the body of your vehicle can have a negative impact on your cars aerodynamics. If you frequently drive along the highways, this could impact your gas mileage in time. 

The most compelling reason auto dents are more than just cosmetic is the impact it has on the overall value of your vehicle. According to a licensed auto insurance agent, one dent can depreciate the value of your vehicle from 5%-10%. With this information, you can imagine how impactful hail damage can be, with each dent impacting the value of your vehicle. 

When it is time to part ways with your ride, your future self will thank you for keeping the car in the best condition possible, allowing it to also live its best life as you set yourself up for success. To learn more about your auto dent repair can enhance your vehicle, reach out to Capital Dent Masters. 

Common Types of Auto Dents

Not all dents happen the same way and the auto dent repair is just as unique for each auto dent. To best understand all about auto dent repairs in Denver, Colorado, it is good to begin by reviewing the common types of auto dents. 

The most common types of auto dents in Denver are round dents, sharp dents, creased dents, dent dings, or extreme dents. Capital Dent Masters is Denver’s preferred auto dent repair shop, for all kinds of auto dents. 

Round Auto Dents

Round auto dents are, by far, the most common type of auto dent in Denver. The most common cause of a round auto dent in Denver is hailstones. Balls or other round objects can also cause round auto dents. The indention is typically a round, hollow shape. 

Often, the paint remains intact with round auto dents. For this reason, paintless dent repair is the perfect dent repair method for round auto dents. Learn more about paintless dent repair below, or call Capital Dent Masters, Denver’s paintless dent repair experts. 

Sharp Auto Dents

Dents that are at an angle are generally considered to be sharp auto dents. Sharp auto dents have a peak point, stretching the metal outwards. These are typically caused by an object with an edge. Depending on the severity, some sharp dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair. However, it is common for the paint to be cracked with a sharp dent. 

Creased Auto Dents

Creased auto dents are almost always found on the side panels of your vehicle. They are often the result of an object impacting the side panel and running across it with the same force. Repairing creased auto dents in Denver can take more time to repair due to the size.  

Extreme Auto Dents

An extreme auto dent is going to be any dent that is large or of irregular shape. This kind of dent is often caused by larger impacts, such as animals or a hit and run while your car is parked. Extreme dents will likely require conventional repair methods. 

Now that we know the four main kinds of auto dents, let’s review the short list of the most common culprit of auto dents repairs in Denver.

Common Culprits of Auto Dents:

If the cause of your auto dent is a mystery, do not fret. Examining the auto dent & classifying its type can help you find the culprit. You may need auto dent repairs in Denver for various reasons. Here are some of the most common causes of auto dents in Colorado. 

  • auto hail damage
  • door dings
  • shopping carts
  • sports balls 
  • gravel or road debris
  • bike handlebars 

How to Repair Dents

There are multiple ways to repair dents on your vehicle. The best method to repair the dent in your car will depend on a few factors. If your car has a large dent, you may need to go the conventional auto repair route. However, smaller dents like door dings are best repaired with PDR (paintless dent repair). Let’s take a look at the three most common techniques used in auto dent repair in Denver. 

DIY Dent Repair

Many car owners choose to use a kit like this one to try auto dent repairs in Denver at home. However, experts never recommend you try to repair an auto dent by yourself. 

As mentioned above, the cosmetic state of your vehicle impacts the value of your vehicle. When the metal has been tampered with, paintless dent repair is not an option. So, before you attempt to fix your auto dent and end up making it worse, check with a professional auto dent repair shop.

Capital Dent Masters is Denver’s local family-owned auto dent repair shop. Experts in paintless dent repair and conventional auto dent repair, we are auto dent experts in Denver. Get your free auto dent repair estimate at Capital Dent Masters in Park Hill, Denver. 

Conventional Auto Dent Repair in Denver

The most common form of auto dent repair in Denver is the conventional method. This method utilizes filler substances, such as Bondo, to fill in the dent. When the substance has hardened, it is sanded to match the curvature of the panel. The area is then repainted to match your vehicle’s color. 

The conventional auto dent repair method is recommended with some extreme dents or when the metal cannot be returned to it’s original position. However, due to the addition of materials, conventional auto dent repair does not restore the full value of your vehicle pre-dent. 

Paintless Dent Repair in Denver

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is quickly becoming the most sought after auto dent repair method. This repair method is environmentally friendly, boasts quick repair times, and retains the value of your vehicle. 

Since paintless dent repair does not add any new substances to your vehicle, the repairs have no negative effect on the value of your vehicle. When parts are replaced or repainted, your car is no longer considered factory state and decreases in value. Paintless dent repair returns your car’s value to its pre-dented state. 

Capital Dent Masters is Denver’s paintless dent repair expert. For nearly 15 years we have performed PDR on hail damaged vehicles around the globe. 

How is Paintless Dent Repair Performed?

Paintless dent repair relies on the strength and precision of the PDR technician. Metal rods with varying end shapes and sizes are inserted through factory access points into the car’s panels. The PDR technician then guides the metal indention to its original position. Using specialized lights, PDR technicians are able to see the curvature of the metal panel and guide each dent back to flush. 

Auto Dent Repair Experts in Denver, Colorado

Whether you are in need of conventional auto dent repair or are seeking paintless dent repair, we have got you covered. At Capital Dent Masters, we specialize in Denver auto dent repairs. Experts in the paintless dent repair industry, it is our pleasure to return your vehicle to like new conditions with our knowledge. 

Depending on your dents, auto dent repairs in Denver can be completed in as little as a day. If your vehicle requires parts to be ordered, we will schedule your repairs in line with the arrival of your parts, so you are without your car as little as possible. 

Our auto insurance claim experts can and will work directly with your auto insurance company on any dent repair claims you have. There is no need for you, to take on the extra stress of playing telephone for your auto dent repair shop and auto insurance agent. 

For the best quality auto dent repair near Denver, Colorado, look no further than Capital Dent Masters. Auto dent repair with paintless dent repair is our passion, and that passion shines through in all that we do. We promise to take care of your auto dent repairs as if your vehicle were our own. 

Come by our auto body dent repair shop in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood, request your free estimate through our website, or give us a call to take the first step toward your auto dent repair in Denver. 

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